24 September 2013

SPOKEN WORD: "AmeRican" (2001)

 "AmeRican" (2001)

by Tik'al Storm Rydah

a palm tree grows in Brooklyn
forced out of the sidewalks of shame
where the empty vials
of Welfare and Poverty
have eaten away at our brains

where 6 people in a room
get 1 cheque to spend
and the roaches all chill out
not one of them ever having to pay rent

this palm tree is a witness
to the poison we put in our veins
growing out of the crack
which has destroyed our spirit
and all most broke our reign

Kings and Queens

like the mighty palm tree
your leaves spread across these foreign lands
like the claws of the American Eagle
just before it ripped our country
right out of our own hands

no longer a nasty "porro-reecan"
now... "ju an "Ame-Rican"
now... "ju e-speak-e de eng-les"

"Ju ee-ben hab a Platinum BI-sa
for jour ar-ROZ con gandu-les"

drive to the liquor store
in your brand-new Mercedes "X"
that you got from the chop shop
cause your live-in wife
just got her section 8 cheque

stay oppressed by the drugs
and live off the sale of
much to the befuddlement of our people

who are we?

¿que es un "porro-reecan"?

ask the mighty palm tree
who saw my Taino mothers die
from smallpox and rape
babies ripped from their womb
WHO IS this yucca man's "God"
the one who ALLOWS pillage and hate?!

mighty tree who saw my African mothers
dragged onto slave ships
from the land where Shango reigns
whilst my grandmothers were returned
to the belly of Olokun...
god of the sea... keeper of their pain

¿que es un "porro-reecan"?

the definition is the revolution
when we learn that we are split at the root
will truly be our final resolution

a huge mighty tree stalk
borne from the sidewalk

on some Brooklyn ghetto street
near a piss-smelling stairwell
where the junkies stick HIV
and the hookers all look like hell

where the people have lost everything
except their monthly food stamp benefit

forget about scammin'
cause AFDC's sending you to work

go buy yourself a clock radio
so you can serve your boss, the azzhole jerk

8:47 AM
bright and early

to do everything you want me to do for you
except shine your wing-tipped shoes

assistant to the assistant
assistant to the assistant's assistant

I promise I will work my azz off for you, sir
clean out your garbage for you, sir
open a door for you, sir

in the buildings of Manhattan
so, I can rise before I fall

a victim of the sins of Amerikkka

missing in the rubble
lost to the world

death by our headmaster's imperialism

as we fly in the grip of the Amerikkkan Eagle
we look down to see

all the assistants
all the assistant to the assistants
all the assistant to the assistant's assistants

their lives ending oh so tragically
the buildings falling for all to see

like deadly scissors, the beams
sweeping round and round
destroying families
changing lives
all hopes and all bodies
are simply dashed onto the bleeding ground

floor on top of floor
dreams are diminished
hopes are crushed
under the weight of the wickedness
our Father's done to us

"Amerikkka's New War" declares the new Prez
but, shyt, man...
ain't this shyt been goin' on even BEFORE Vieques?!

take it back to 1898
when freedom rang to wake our illiterate azzes
to save us from lack of civilisation
take our land
even re-teach the masses

teach us to work for you
whilst we open your doors
teach us to fight for you
whilst we die in all your wars

a palm tree grows in Brooklyn
forced out of the sidewalks of shame
mangled by the weeds of politics
of Amerikkka's vicious little game

rise up, mighty tree, rise up
let the sunshine of Truth and Justice
pull you up, up and away
away from all the death and drama
AmeRican all the way

copyright 2001 Hiali QuiƱonez & SoulChango Productions