05 January 2017

SPOKEN WORD: "Hold My Mule, Pharisee" (2009)

"Hold My Mule, Pharisee" (2009)

by Truly Caesar

I stood amidst the searing flames
of self-induced predicaments
like, being born into a world
of spiritual abandonment

where towering priests walk free
covering up any hint
so that come Sunday service
they could STILL peep ya imprint

in their triple X confessional
religion becomes concessional

“You must say 8 ‘Our Father’s’
and don’t wait much longer
if you tie up some Rosary beads
your shyt’ll get stronger”

eventually surrendering
to the power of your balls
trying to catch you alone
wandering down black widow halls

looking to be saved
from the fullness of my fruitions
but, dragged into a web
all kinds of strange and lewd propositions

by the guilt of being human
seeking to build some kind of spiritual acumen

I paid more than a quarter
as your lonely-life supporter

I paid with a life full of indecisions
constant sexual collisions
in my head
now, I had divisions

thoughts flying in every direction
as a seminarian goes for the erection

noticing how your slobbing sounds echo
on a Saturday afternoon in church
face looking like a choking gecko
other times more like Father Lurch

sitting in the light of stained glass glare
wondering about who’s gonna sit in this chair
some pious women with bows and hatpins ?
asking "God" to take away all their kids’ sins ??
the way you wipe me from your smock ?!
I can only imagine the shock.

I don’t understand…
or, see your fascination…
the way you lifted my dick
like the Holy Chalice
blew my candle to the wick
as if it were some Holy Phallus

I didn’t understand
your obsession
taught me about the ways of "God"
without once being on bended knee to thee

I felt like an object…
used when necessary…

then made to wallow
in the thoughts that follow
and follow

shyt wouldn’t stop fucking with me
no matter how many women
became my Queen bee
found myself the magnet of married men
hiding behind a heavy cross of marital sin
some wanting to have threeways
on freeways
approaching me…
giving up the access
to pound all into the mattress

dude had me fuck his wife
though I thought I was there to “landscape”
his only interest really
was to fuel his freak & masturbate

didn’t think it was wrong
chalked it up to the power of the dong

that the Father had beatified
and jackified
to the level of prayer
as I shot across her hair

young mind
lost to Father Slime
who couldn’t live up to his vow
so, he looked down at young boys like chow
freebasing and Manischewitz
made the Holy Spirit go down

jump start my sexuality with a bang
anointing my wang
whilst choruses sang
in his head
like hi-fi Fred
breaking holy bread
but, in my twisted head…
I felt his grimy grip instead

overpower my mind…
with a tantric surge from "God"

Nicodemus, Pharisee…

“Convert! Convert!
Repent thine evil ways!
Pazuzu is the Destroyer!
Cast the Devil out!
He must not be allowed
to impose ANY of His Doubt !”

all this drama you inflict
‘til it was time to suck my dick
then, everything changes
thoughts are now deranging

under the holy blood spell
the only fire in hell
was contained within 4 wooden walls
and the clean scent of my balls

the fire didn’t scare me…
I was protected by Father Slime…

who oozed away the fears of this anomaly
of maybe being ostracised by my family
as they sang a bunch of “Jesus is the Way“ homilies
from now until… beyond eternity

I could only hear the echoes
of a congregation praying
the organ
whilst Father Slime
fondles mine

150 dollars for my soul…

warper of minds
transgressions of ALL kinds

threaten to poison my roots
create noise
talk to me like I was your boy

except on Saturday…

when you elevated Nicodemus to "God"
forcing me to prod
then, blame me for my confusion
took me years to cut through your illusion

nasty man of "God"

make sure you get a GOOD scapegoat
so your flock won’t RISE in protest

and peck your eyes out,
on some Tippi Hedren shyt…

running through the ghetto
Father Slime, the nasty gecko

youthful lives weathered out
make the kids look insane
half a can o’ Guiness Stout
deeply influenced by fishscale-cut cocaine

should have been yourself from the beginning
not hide to the world as such
going around sucking on young dudes
like a stable of prime young ethnic bucks

I do not condemn spirituality
but, I overstand principalities
and prefer to stick to reason
and love
so, screw the Pope
cause I’m using gloves

I am beyond the insecurities
that you have used to fashion me
into some sort of blasphemous obscurity
blaming it all on so-called spiritual impurity

such high standard…
standing beside myself…

a sexual

try anything once
maybe twice
or thrice
depending, if it was nice

go to parties, get fucked up
li-quor n blow
with multiple partners
ALL in a row

fucking couples with cash
centerpiece of trash
and bold
hardcore fantasies
anything goes
hoes, hoes
and, gigahoes

dick don’t discriminate
just here to inseminate

share some of the power
fuck around in the shower
in the hot tub or sauna
or, on some strange-looking fauna

thought for so long
that "God" must have a big dick
the way all these holy men
seem to wanna go at it

convince you to deny what’s happening
even deny their very selves
repress their sexuality
until Saturday afternoon at 12

find an excuse as to how we’re not going to hell

you can’t define me anymore
you need to concentrate on this Babylon Whore
that is your church

twisting minds
and blaming lives
lots of crazy ass fuckery
all for the good of mankind


bless me, Father
for I am Freak

it’ll be a cold day in hell
‘til my next confession

I choose to concentrate
on loving my connection Deity
Life is best lived in Truth
not kneeling in supposed Piety

or, begging for Jesus
to make His second debut
whilst Nicodemus rides his donkey
all up inside of you


copyright 2009